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Definitely Going To Hell...

But Enjoying The Ride!

20 June
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I have a serious Supernatural Addiction. I am NOT seeking rehabilitation at this time & am quite happy with that decision. I'm all about the Winchester Men, especially Dean. Leverage is my next favorite show, followed by Sons of Anarchy, Hell on Wheels, Hannibal, & Justified. I have become obsessed with Steve Carlson & Christian Kane. I love the MCU. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, & Tom Hiddleston all co-own my soul. I have way too many OoLs, but I'm not giving any of them up.
ac/dc, alex o'loughlin, alien, american gothic, angel, anson mount, bad company, books, bruce campbell, buffy, burn notice, castle, charlie hunnam, cheesy movies, chris evans, chris hemsworth, christian kane, classic rock, copper, danny dekeyser, default, detroit red wings, dirty harry, dollhouse, dr. horrible, eric kripke, fanfic, firefly, friday night lights, fringe, gardening, grand rapids griffins, grimm, gustav nyquist, hannibal, hell on wheels, hellboy, highlander, hinder, hockey, horror movies, hugh dancy, idris elba, in plain sight, invasion, jamie dornan, janet evanovich, jared padalecki, jason dohring, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, john carpenter, john cusack, john sandford, joss whedon, justified, kane, karen sisco, karl urban, kindred:the embraced, kurt russell, led zeppelin, lee child, legend of the seeker, leverage, lolcats, longmire, macgyver, mega piranha, misha collins, monty python, moonlight, motorcycles, muscle cars, music, nathan fillion, nickelback, night gallery, nin, office space, once upon a time, orphan black, plastic!winchesters, pop evil, pushing daisies, reading, rhps, riley smith, rob thurman, ryan reynolds, saving abel, serenity, sick puppies, slashfic, sleepy hollow, sons of anarchy, space: above & beyond, spartacus, spongebob, stephen king, steve carlson, sue grafton, supernatural, t:tscc, taylor kitsch, the avengers, the black keys, the glades, the mentalist, the walking dead, the x-files, threshold, timothy olyphant, tom hiddleston, touching evil, vampires, veronica mars, victor webster, vincent price, white collar, witchblade, zombies