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Tuesday's Playoff Results

Game 7, Bitches!

No games played

*San Jose Sushi 1, Detroit Red Wings 3 (series tied 3 - 3)
Sushi goal: Juicy Couture
Wings goals: Zetterberg, Filppula, and Helm

Game 7 will be Thursday, May 12, at 9pm Eastern.  FSD, Versucks, TSN, RDS, and CSN-CA will all have it.

*What a great friggin' game!

*Nemo made some really fantastic saves. 

*MikeyMo was in for Mule.  The old man looked pretty damn spry out there.

*Huds was in for Drapes and played pretty well.

*Poor Danny Cleary.  Buckets couldn't buy a goal to save his life last night.  Not for lack of effort either.  *pets him*

*Abby took another dumbshit penalty just over halfway into the 3rd.  Son, you'd better cool it with that garbage.

*The Wings outshot the Sushi 45 - 25.  Nice!

*Buckets recorded 6 shots in the game, the most of any player on both teams.

*The set-up between Fils & Pasha on the GWG is a thing of beauty.

Never give up.  Never surrender.

Tags: dan cleary, detroit red wings, dorkage, fangirl glee, hockey, jimmah!, pavel datsyuk, the stanley cup, valtteri filppula
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