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Friday's Playoff Results

It's alive!  ALIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!

*Philadelphia Flyers 1, Boston Bruins 5 (Bruins sweep the series and advance to Round 3)
Flyers goal: Versteeg
Bruins goals: Lucic (2), Boychuk, Marchand, and Paille

*San Jose Sushi 3, Detroit Red Wings 4 (Sushi lead the series 3 - 1)
Sushi goals: Juicy Couture, Boyle (on the butt of humanity), and Heatley
Wings goals: Bertuzzi, Lidstrom (2), and Helm

Time (ET)


Visiting Leaders

Home Leaders



8:00 p.m. Predators at CanucksP: M Erat 50
W: P Rinne 33
P: D Sedin 104
W: R Luongo 38

*Oh TAWD.  Always with the Spinorama.

*We almost had Captain Fries.  *pets Lids*

*Helm's goal scoring song at the Joe is usually Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.  I think we should change it to Holding Out For a Hero by Bonnie Tyler.

*Helm + Eaves + Draper = simply awesome.

*The Wngs only took 4 penalties last night.  I don't know what to think about that, especially with assholes Watson and O'Halloran reffing.

Tags: darren helm, detroit red wings, dorkage, fangirl glee, hockey, kris draper, patrick eaves, squeeage, the stanley cup
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