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My 2010/2011 Television Schedule

Yeah.  It's going to be Hellacious once again.

I'm sure there are a few shows that I missed.  I know In Plain Sight, Rizzoli & Isles, and Covert Affairs all got renewed, but I haven't heard anything about the scheduling for the new seasons.

10pm        AMC           The Walking Dead (10/31)

9pm          NBC            The Event (9/20)
10pm        ABC            Castle (9/20)
10pm       CBS              Hawaii Five-O (9/20)

8pm          ABC            No Ordinary Family (9/28)
9pm          FUX            Raising Hope (9/21)
10pm       CBS             The Good Wife (9/28)
10pm        FX               Sons of Anarchy (9/7)   


9pm           NBC           L&O: SVU (9/22)
10pm         NBC           L&O: LA (9/29)
10pm         NBC           Outlaw (Special Premiere on 9/15, then moves to Fridays)                     
10pm         FX               Terriers (9/8)

8pm          CW              The Vampire Diaries (9/9)
8pm          FUX             Bones (9/23)
9pm          CBS              CSI (9/23)
9pm          CW               Nikita (9/9)
9pm          FUX             Fringe (9/23)
10pm        CBS             The Mentalist (9/23)

8pm          FUX              Human Target (10/1)
9pm          ABC              Body of Proof (TBD)
9pm          CW                Supernatural (9/24)
10pm        CBS               Blue Bloods (9/24)
10pm        NBC              Outlaw                      

*I predict at least three of these shows will fall off of my schedule by November.  Anyone want to guess which ones?

*This schedule does not include the Red Wings game schedule.

*Leverage's mid-season Finale is September 5th, but the Gang will be back in December (I believe) with 3 final episodes.

*White Collar finishes up September 7th.  Per Wikipedia:  The nine-episode summer season will run through September 7, 2010 finish with a seven-episode winter season beginning in January 2011.

*Burn Notice will return on November 11th with one more episode.  That's just...really lame.

*James Marsters is going to be in a new series on Siffy.  Three Inches (heh heh) starts filming on Monday, August 30th.

*Remember the reboot of The Rockford Files that was in the works, starring Dermot Mulroney?  NBC shot the Pilot, but decided Dermot sucked (poor dude), so he's out.  Buuuut, NBC allegedly still likes the idea of tRF.  Josh Holloway's name has been bandied about as a possible replacement.

*Wasn't Christian Slater supposed to get another series?  I can't find any recent news about this.

Okie dokie.  I think that's it...for now!

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