raputathebuta (raputathebuta) wrote,

It's here! It's finally here!!!!!!!

The long-awaited trailer for SciFi's Siffy's Sharktopus movie!!!!

It.  Is.  AWESOME!!!!

Even better than Mega Piranha, if you can believe that!  And I loves me some Mega Piranha.

Also?  Eric Roberts looks really, really good.

I think my favorite part of the trailer is at the end.  Food on a string!!!  That almost tops one of the Mega Piranhas taking out a helicopter or Mega Shark attacking the Golden Gate Bridge.  Almost.

Holy shit...I cannot wait for this to premiere!!  *bounces*
Tags: cheesy movies, dorkage, eric roberts, mega piranha!, scifi, sharktopus!, siffy, squeeage
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