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I just met Detroit Red Wing Drew Miller in the elevator!!!!!  *hyperventilates*

I had to go next door to give my "Connection" my game picks for the upcoming season.  So I'm waiting for the elevator and a young man comes into the lobby wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses.

The elevator comes and we step on.  I push the button for where I'm going and ask him which floor he needs. 

*Cue script format*

DM = Drew Miller, Miller Time, Miller-baby, The Silver Fox, Stud, Baby, etc.

Me = Me, rabid, yet oddly calm, fangirl.

Me: Which floor did you need?

DM: Fourth, thanks.  *takes off sunglasses*

Me: You're wlecome.

*I glance at him a couple of times, thinking Holy shit!  Is that?  Could it really be Drew Fucking Miller?! *

Me: Excuse me, but...you're Drew Miller.

DM: *grins a little sheepishly*  Yes.  That's me.

Me: *flailing internally*  Wow.  It's nice to meet you.  I'm a huge fan!

DM: Thank you! (I swear to Castiel, he was blushing!)

Me: Oh, and congratulations to Ryan!  (his big brother Ryan, of the Buffalo Sabres, just won the Vezina Trophy and the NHL Foundation Player Award at the NHL Awards in Vegas last night)

DM: Wasn't that cool?!  My family and I were watching last night.  It was really awesome!

*we get to my stop*

*I exit the elevator, but turn back to him*

*we both reach to hold the door at the same time...no contact though, dammit*

Me: I know you probably can't say anything, but have you heard anything about the upcoming season?

DM: About me?
*I nod*

DM: I'm going upstairs to talk to my agent about that now!

Me: Well, we all want you back!  Good luck!  *waves*

DM: Thanks!  *waves back as the elevator door closes*

*I maintain my cool until I get back to my own office where I begin bouncing like a pogo stick and making incomprehensible dolphin noises of sheer and utter glee*

I will never get used to how small some of these guys look without all their equipment on!

Also?  Drew is freakin' HOT!!  Pictures don't really do him justice.  He is one damn fine looking man.  *pets him*




Jun. 24th, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
I think katysam heard that squee.

Music: my girly parts going asplody

*wonders what sound this actually makes*

Soooooo, his agent works in your building? Guess you know who to stalk.
Jun. 28th, 2010 03:48 pm (UTC)
The office he was going to is one of our tenants. Law firm that, among regular areas, also includes sports law. They rep a lot of athletes...mostly race car drivers.

The attorney whose practice it is used to be a professional football player back in the 60s. He's kind of an ass, but has a great clientele!


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