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The Devil's Cookies

Tru Fax: the Girl Scouts work for Lucifer.  

How else do you explain the annual ritual of sacrificing my your will power to The Cookie?!

Every year, my boss buys a case of cookies from one of his banker buddy's kids.  AN ENTIRE FUCKING CASE!  And not only that, but this damn Curse Box has every Hell-inspired kind of Girl Scout cookie crammed into it!

                                                                                      Picture courtesy of bakingbites.com

Ever wonder why the evil cute little Girl Scouts on the boxes are always so happy and smiling?  

That's 'cuz they're going to suck out your lifeforce once you break the Magical Seal and begin eating!

I'm  We're all doomed, I tell you...DOOOOOOOOMED!    

*nibbles on another do-si-do and contemplates Death By Tagalong*
Tags: cookies, me, random, real life
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