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Saturday's Playoff Results


*Montreal Canadiens 1, Pittsburgh Penguins 2 (Pens lead the series 3 - 2)
Habs goal: Cammalleri
Pens goals: Letang and Gonchar

*Detroit Red Wings 1, San Jose Sharks 2 (Sharks win the series 4 - 1 and advance to Round 3)
Wings goal: Rafalski
Sharks goals: Thornton and Marleau

Sunday May 9
Time (ET)TeamsVisiting LeadersHome LeadersTV 
8:00 p.m.Canucks at
P: H Sedin 112
W: R Luongo 40
P: P Kane 88
W: C Huet 26

Congrats to Todd McLellan and the Sharkie-poos.

*Shout-out to the Sharks fans at the Tank.  The "Beat De-Troit" chant is way classier than those other teams stupid fans who yell "_______ Sucks!", so thanks.  You guys showed massive support for your team instead of being asshats. 

*Considering that the Wings weren't even in the Playoff picture a couple of months ago, getting past the red-hot Yotes into Round 2 was a pretty awesome.

*Yeah, of course I'm not ready for the Wings to be done playing yet.  But, I'm very proud of my boys.  *smishes*

*All the speculation about Lidas retiring needs to stop. STFU and GFTO people!  Captain, my Captain ain't goin' anywhere!

*Good article briefly detailing the Wings summer plans, including which players we need to lock up.
*My thoughts:
     ~KEEP: Lidas, Homer, Lils, "Danger" Helm, Eaves-baby, MillerTime, Abby, Malts, and possibly Meech-poo and Ritz.
          *Huds is coming back next season, so his salary will definitely impact what Kenny Holland can do.
          *Unfortunately for me, Bertiebutt is most likely going to be resigned.  Yes, he did have some shining  moments this  
            past season/post-season, but I still hate the fucker.
          *Kindl's 3 year/one-way contract goes into effect next season, but I really haven't seen enough of his play in order
            to decide if he stays or gets traded.

     ~LOSE: Lebs, MayDay, and, as much as I Iove him, JWillz.

*Good article on MillerTime and Eaves-baby wanting to stay with the Wings.

And now for something completely different: GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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