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Friday's Playoff Results

Not dead yet.

*Boston Bruins 4, Philadelphia Flyers 5 in OT (Bruins lead the series  3 - 1)
Bruins goals: Recchi (2), Ryder, and Lucic
Flyers goals: Briere, Donger, Giroux, Leino, and Gagne

Yeah.  Ville "I couldn't seem to do shit in Detroit" Leino.  I mean, good for him.  I liked him when he was with us...just not this season.  *glares*

*Chicago Blackhawks 7, Vancouver Canucks 4 (Hawks lead the series 3 - 1)
Hawks goals: Seabrook, Toews (3), Sharp, Kopecky, and Bolland
Canucks goals: Wellwood, D. Sedin, Edler, and H. Sedin

Saturday May 8
Time (ET)TeamsVisiting LeadersHome LeadersTV 
7:00 p.m.Canadiens at
P: T Plekanec 70
W: J Halak 26
P: S Crosby 109
W: M Fleury 37
10:00 p.m.Red Wings at
P: P Datsyuk 70
W: J Howard 37
P: J Thornton 89
W: E Nabokov 44

*Fuck me.  We may be without BOTH Stuart and Eaves tonight.

*If Stuey's out, that means my boy Jonny will probably log a shit ton of ice time again.  GO BIG RIG!!!

*Babs hasn't decided on JWillz or Ritola yet.  I love JWillz, but I definitely think Ritola is the better bet in this game.  

*I have been unable to find "official" documentation of Ritola having a nickname.  I'm going with Ritz.  Original, I know.  *snicker* 

*Although I prefer the fan-made vid where Mule rips out Kane's mouthguard, this is pretty cool (and authentic):

*Dominate.  Decimate.  Destroy.

GO WINGS!!!!!!

Off-topic comment: Mongolian Death Worm is on Siffy tonight.  Oh, Sean Patrick Flanery...WHYYYY?!?!?!?!?!
Tags: detroit red wings, hockey, johan franzen, jonathan ericsson, patrick eaves, the mule, the stanley cup

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