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Friday's Playoff Results


*Detroit Red Wings 1, Pittsburgh Penguins 2
Penguins with the Cup
Wings goal: Ericsson
Pens goals: Talbot (2)

Congratulations to Pittsburgh.  I can't even blame the officiating this time.

The Wings came out strong in the first period, but then I have no freaking idea what happened.  Aside from a couple of guys, we looked like crap.  Thanks for hanging Ozzie out to dry, boys.  You know what that gets you, right?

                                               *Refur, I will love you forever for starting the Fabulous Drunk!Sam Seal of Disapproval!

Well, at least my boy Ericsson got a goal and Cindy did not.  *snerk* 

Tags: detroit red wings, hockey, i'm pissed!
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