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Saturday's Playoff Results


*Detroit Red Wings 5, Pittsburgh Penguins 0 (Wings lead the series 3 - 2)
Wings goals: Cleary, Filppula, Kronwall, Rafalski, and Zetterberg

*It was great have Datsyuk back in the lineup.  Paired up with his pal Hank, Dats logged 17:38 minutes of ice time, had 2 assists (on Cleary's and Rafalski's goals), had 2 shots on goal himself, and is credited with 4 hits.  Not bad for somebody who'd been missing since May 19th.

*Fleury was chased from the net in the second period.

*The Wings didn't look all that great in the beginning of the game, but managed to get going and completely dominate the Pens after Cleary's goal at 13:32 of the first period.

*The Wings were 3-for-9 on the power play.

*Total penalties assessed: Wings 3, Penguins 12. 

*Ozzie was OZSOME!!!  This win was his fifteenth Playoff shutout, third on the NHL career list.  He also got an assist on Filppula's goal in the second period, which gives him 5 career Playoff assists.

*The Penguins Implosion began shortly before the end of the first period.  Kunitz was called for goalie interference at 19:39.  They managed to kill the rest of that penalty in the second, but Fils scored about 5 seconds after Kunitz left the box.  Then the Pens screwed themselves by taking another 5 penalties in the second period.  The Wings scored on 3 of them.

*This was Lidstrom's 233 Playoff game, which ties him with Scott Stevens at fifth on the NHL career list.  Game 6 (#234) will move him up to a fourth place tie with Claude"The Turtle" Lemieux.  

*Helm recorded 7 hits last night, which give him 32 in this series.

*We didn't get a whistle in this game until 7:19 into the first period.  That's a Hell of a long time to go without a stop in play.

*Fun for kids and adults alike, courtesy of the Freep.

*My friend L. shared this with me.  *snickers*  Cindy, Cindy, Cindy.

*Game highlights.  I love at about the 5:30 mark when the guys are celebrating Z's goal.  Huds does this little "hop" to get in on the hug.  *giggle*

L. came up with this little gem.




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