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It's Thursday, bitches!  *grins*

In light of the fact that we get a BRAND-SPANKING NEW SUPERNATURAL tonight and the impending snowstorm in my area, I stopped on my way home to gather the necessary provisions.  I also stumbled across a little surprise.

Yeah, in my world, necessary provisions include beer and pie.  I already had the beer, but needed the pie!  I blame  angieb5:-p

Whist I was awaiting my turn to pay, I noticed the latest TVGuide sitting in the rack.  Some show called Missing or Vanished or something was on the cover.  I'm kidding...I know that show is called Gone.  

I don't normally buy this mag, since I spend enough damn time at their website, but I thought I'd browse through it in line.  What should appear to my gleeful fangirl eyes but this little item:


Number 6 in TVGuide's Top 10 Stories section!  Here is the text: There are only four more original episodes of Supernatural in the can.  But, come April 23, fans can enjoy the CW spookfest in an alternative format when Wildstorm Comics launches "Supernatural: Rising Son," a six-issue miniseries.  Writer Peter Johnson, who's also a co-executive producer on the show and wrote last year's "Supernatural: Origins" comic, says readers should expect "some badass female villains and a big, bad villain that may have something to do with the tv show."

The text in black reads: In "Rising Sun," Sam, 7, and Dean, 11, are on the road with their dad, John.

Points of interest:
(1)  Do you suppose the "big, bad villain" that Peter is referring to is the YED?!
(2)   I love that Comic!Pre-Teen!Dean is wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt (squee!).  Sorry, I couldn't call him a "tween".  It just seemed ookie & pre-adolescent didn't have quite the same ring to it.  *snerk*
(3)  Comic!BigDaddy has scruffies!!!!!  
(4)  Comic!Kid!Sam already has his Emo!Bangs!!!

Supernatural was also mentioned in TVG's Highlights for today.

Another little goodie coming in at number 10 in the T10S was about the upcoming X-Files movie.


This text reads: Fifteen years make no difference to Mulder and Scully.  In a sneak peek at the second X-Files movie, out July 25, time seems to have stood still for stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.  Great genes or good lighting?  The truth is out there.

If anyone cares, the pie is Michigan Four-Berry.  Cherries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, with a crumbly crust.  I think Dean would approve.   
Tags: fangirl glee, pie, squeeage, supernatural, television, x-files
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