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Sunday's Playoff Results

Remember that scene in Scanners when that guy's head went all 'splody?!  Yeah...I kept expecting to see that happen yesterday on the Blackhawk's bench.  The Hawks' coach turned a scary shade of purple.

Apoplexia, thy name is Quenneville.

No game played

*Detroit Red Wings 6, Chicago Blackhawks 1 (Wings lead the series 3 - 1)
Wings goals: Hossa (2), Franzen, Filppula, and Zetterberg (2)
Hawks goal: Toews

*No LIdstrom.  No Datsyuk.  No Draper.  No problem!

*Lidstrom being MIA was a surprise.  Apparently, even Babs didn't know about it until they were on the way to the game.  Lids was sidelined with a "lower-body injury".

*This is the first Playoff game Lidstrom has missed...EVER!

*Chelios was back in the lineup to help fill the gap left by Lids.

*In the second period,  the Hawks pulled Huet and put in the rookie Crawford (in his first Playoff game ever).  Crawford lasted for the rest of the second, but Huet came back for the third period.

*Osgood, suffering from dehydration, was replaced by Ty Conklin for the third period. 

*Conks only faced 9 shots, but he stopped all of them and that's what counts. 

Tuesday May 26
Time (ET)TeamsVisiting LeadersHome LeadersTelevision
7:30 p.m.Penguins at
P: E Malkin 113
W: M Fleury 35
P: R Whitney 77
W: C Ward 39
Versus, CBC, RDS

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