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Reason # 8869 Why I Am Such a Sappy Dork:

Discovery Channel's Cash Cab  made me cry today.  For those you don't know, Cash Cab is a game show where people simply getting into the cab become the show contestants.  Ben Bailey, the host and driver,  will drive you all the way to your destination and ask you general knowledge questions along the way. The questions start out on the easy side, then get harder along the way – the harder the question, the more money it’s worth. The first four questions are worth $25 for each correct answer. The next four are worth $50 and then every question after that is worth $100.  Oh yeah...if you get three "strikes"?  Ben unceremoniously dumps you out of the cab...no matter where you are!

I only saw the end of one "ride" today.  Two brothers were in the cab and were up to the $50 questions.  They only had one wrong answer so far.  These two guys were hilarious!  They played the game the right way, by conferring on their answers instead of just blurting out whatever popped into their heads.

They ended up at their destination and went for the double-or-nothing Bonus Video Question.  They ended up walking out of the cab $750 richer.  They were really cute, hugging each other and jumping around, you would've thought they'd won $750,000!  They were so adorkable, I teared up.

*sigh*  Yeah...Sammy ain't got nuthin' on me in the Emo!Sweepstakes.  

Either that or I'm suffering from Supernatural!Withdrawal.  Naaaaah...I'm just a sap.  I'd better snap out of it thought, 'cuz the Red Wings are on in a bit!

Pssst....Ben Bailey reminds me of Mike Rowe, from Discovery's Dirty Jobs.  Both are rather sexy in that "average schmo" kind of way.

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