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Oh for fuck's sake!

As of right now, the Penguins have lost their tiara as the biggest bunch of crybabies in the NHL to the Ducks.

This kind of bullshit is coming from the team who's roster includes the number one dirtiest player in the NHL as voted on by his peers in a Sports Illustrated poll.  

Mike Brown, that uber douchenozzle who almost took Hudler's head off in Game 1, needs to have a big steaming mug of STFU!!!!!  Asshat.

"That's unbelievable," Brown said. "(Wisniewski) took a shot in the ribs like that (with the puck) and to already be pretty badly injured, then take an extra elbow by someone (Holmstrom) who's talking all the time, trying to get in everyone's face, it's pretty bad."

Pot, meet kettle.  Fucktard.

GO WINGS!!!!!!

Tags: detroit red wings, hockey, i'm pissed!
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