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The Old Man and The (Frozen) Sea

Just a quick post to wish Detroit Red Wing Chris Chelios a very happy 46th birthday!  

The man is the epitomy of athleticism.  Don't believe me?  The dude works out all year round and some say he's in better shape than guys in the league who are half his age.  Cheli is the oldest US-born player and second-oldest player in NHL history.  

Because I'm such a geek, I think it's awesome that this is his 24th year in the league and he wears number 24.  *giggles*  That kind of dorky trivia make me giddy.  Other interesting (to me at least) tidbits:

(1)  24 NHL seasons rank 3rd all-time--tied with Alex Delvecchio and Tim Horton (yes, THE Tim Horton).

(2)  First player in NHL history to play 400 games for three different teams (Montreal, Chicago and Detroit).

(3)  1,592 games played leads all active players and 8th all-time

(4)  This season he has an opportunity to move past R. Borque (7th-1,612) and L. Murphy (6th-1,615) on the all-time games played list.

I came across two really great articles about Cheli online.  One is from
Foxsports.net and the other one is from Guardian Unlimited, a U. K. news site.  I love how his own teammates call him a "freak of nature".  Yeah, I'd agree with that!

Okay...I'll quit boring you all now.                                                  

Not related to the topic at hand, but I'm also making chicken soup tonight.  Yum!
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