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(Not Such) Bad Company

Yesterday, one of our local radio stations (WCSX 94.7) was running their 17th annual radiothon for the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan.  They had lots of cool stuff planned, including the Guitar Jam where you bring your guitar and your amp, and everybody attempts to play the chosen song...all at once.  This year, it was BOC's Don't Fear the Reaper.  Non-guitar players were allowed to bring their cowbells.  *grin*

What I didn't know, was that JJ and Lynne had several guests on during the course of the radiothon, including Paul Rodgers of Bad Company!!!!!!!!!!!!  They were replaying his interview this morning (I only caught the last 15 minutes or so).    It sounded like he was in the studio, but Paul was actually in Vancouver.  *pauses for brief squeeage*  Yes, I can (and will) find a way to connect everything to Supernatural.  Besides, we've had a few Bad Company songs on the show, including last night's rerun of Fresh Blood.

Now, I've always loved Paul's voice, but when he began an accoustic version of Feel Like Makin' Love, my heart was lost completely.  Because I was driving to work, I had to contain my swooning.  Then he sang Takin' Love (I think that was the name) and Seagull.  Holy moly...the man can work that mojo on me anytime!  *sigh*  Seagull always makes me a little emo...the lyrics remind me of Dean (I know, I know...what doesn't remind me of Dean!)   Check out Paul's website.

For those that may be interested, WCSX has a podcast of the interview up on their site.  If it doesn't show at the top of the page, just type "Paul Rodgers" in the search box.  WCSX's podcasts play through Windows Media Player.  I know what I'll be listening to during my lunch hour!


ETA: apparently LJ hates me...I'm having issues with the cut!



Jan. 25th, 2008 07:21 pm (UTC)
I remember when "Feel Like Makin' Love" became the seduction song of choice in college. Guys loved it because it was vintage, and badass, and therefore so very cool. But it got to be such a cliche, it made all the girls laugh whenever they started it up. It is a very sexy song, though. I have it on my iPod.


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