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I've been MIA for far too long.

I meant to do this last week.  Damn you, Plurk!!!!!!  As seen on ames1010's LJ.  

Random association meme. 
Ask me to associate you with five things. When I do this, post this meme and an explanation of your interest in those five things in your journal.

Nobody has to do this, I just thought it was a fun one!

These are the things ames1010  associates me with:

1. Red Wings
2. Winchester Boys
3. Chicago Con
4. Steve, of course
5. Fellow Michigander

1.  Red Wings: I love hockey.  The speed, the agility, the puck-handling, the checking.  *swoon*  It's next to impossible to be bored at a hockey game.  But, in case you couldn't tell, I'm a die-hard Wings fan.  I'll root for other teams, as long as they aren't playing the Winged Wheel at that very moment.

It all started several years ago.  My RLBFF and I used to work together.  On Friday nights, we'd hang out, having a few beers and waiting for his then-fiancee to get off of work and join us.  Sometimes we'd watch a movie, but if the hockey game was on?  The channel never got changed.   This was circa 1994...the beginning of the Russian Five and the Wings' Road to Glory.  I've never looked back.  I love going to the games as much as I love watching them on my tv.  I'd love to be a "groupie" and see the Wings play in other cities, but so far, I've only seen them play in Chicago.

I love my boys.  Even when they get traded to other teams or retire, I try to keep up with what my favorite players are doing.

2.  DA BOYS!!!!  I remember reading about Supernatural in EW before the show premiered.  Being an X-Phile, SPN's premise was right up my alley.  I recognized Jared from Gilmore Girls, but had never heard of Jensen.  I remember thinking "huh...this kid's kinda cute".  Yeah, little did I know that one episode in, I'd be full-on in love with that "cute kid".

Yes...Jared and Jensen are both extremely hot, but they are both extremely talented as well.  That, my friends, makes them even more attractive to me.  Extra bonus?  They come across as really, really nice guys in RL.  *hearts them to the max*

3.  Chicago Con: Where I first got to meet ames1010 in RL!!!!!!!!!  Much fun was had, especially during Steve's concert.  I'll never be able to listen to Pinata Novia again without giggling, Amy!  *hugs*

4.  STEEEEEEEEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *cough*  Sorry, my squee sometimes gets out of control when it comes to Mr. Carlson.

Before the 2007 Chicago Con, I had never heard of Steve.  When I saw he had been signed as a guest, I visited his site and listened to some of his music.  It wasn't until the concert that I fully appreciated the man's talent.  I fell and fell hard.  After the concert, I walked out to the merchandise table and bought every cd of his that they had (4).  Those cds got played, I swear to Castiel, for a year straight.  That voice!  *sigh*

My only regret about the 2007 Con was that I hadn't purchased the photo op with Steve.  I know, I know!  But, I had a good excuse! The evening they were doing the photo ops, I was watching my beloved Wings play the Blackhawks at the United Center!!!!!

Anyway, Steve's voice completely seduced me.  Plus, you know, he's HOT!  I couldn't stop talking about the man or his music. Ask any of my flist.  I'm sure they were ready to muzzle me and/or cut off my fingers so that maybe I'd STFU about Steve. 

I'm also waaaaaay excited for it to be May because that's when the SKH benefit concert is.  So not only will I get to see Steve, but psychoactivtoad is coming to visit and we'll get to hang with Amy and some of the other girls again!  \o/

5.  Ahhhh, Michigan!  The mitten state.  The Great Lakes state.  Birthplace of Kid Rock, Sam Raimi, Kristin Bell, McG, Bob Seger, Bruce Campbell, Alice Cooper, and Brian Rafalski.  The economy may be in the toilet right now, winter may be making me crazy, and the Lions will suck for the next gajillion years, but I really do enjoy living here.  After all, we are the home of the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions!!!!!  GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, Amy, I'm only like two hours away.  I can come your way for Sam-tinis or you can come my way and maybe we can take in a Wings' game.     

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