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Random Reminders!

TV series premieres and returns:
*All show times listed here are Eastern Standard Time.  Check your local listings.

Per TVGuide.com, Castle will premiere on March 9th at 10pm on that Asshat Bastard Channel. 

TNT's Leverage premieres this Sunday, December 7th, at 10pm.  Beginning with the second episode (on December 9th), Leverage will air on Tuesdays at 10pm (EST).  Also?  Commercial-free premiere!

Fox's Dollhouse premieres Friday, February 13th at 9pm. 

Burn Notice (USA) returns January 22nd at 10pm.  FYI: Michael and the gang got picked up for a third season which will most likely start airing in mid-summer.

In Plain Sight (USA) was picked up for a second season.  Unfortunately, we won't get any new Mary and Marshall antics until the summer.

Supernatural returns January 15th.  W00T!

reaper (if anyone cares) returns to the CW on March 17th. 

Harper's Island (CBS) is scheduled to premiere April 9th at 10pm.  This one looks to be a Supernatural reunion of sorts.  Not only do we get Jim Beaver, but other members of the cast include Katie Cassidy, Chris Gauthier, & Gina Holden. 

Ooooh!  IMDB also lists Victor Webster in the cast!  That just cements my decision to check out this show.  *grin*

FX's Sons of Anarchy got picked up for a second season, but no word yet on the premiere date.  I'm betting sometime next fall, which is, frankly, too long for me to wait to get my Jax fix.  I sure hope the dvds come out soon.

Movie releases:

January 16th: Jensen in My Bloody Valentine: 3-D.

February 13th (heh): Jared in Friday the 13th.

March 6th: JDM in Watchmen.  New trailer!
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