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Weird weather patterns abound!  It was like 60 here today.  All our snow has disappeared.  Green things are poking their heads up through the dirt (go back to sleep my little pretties!).  I drove home with my windows down & the radio up.  Yeah, yeah, yeah...really helpful in my recovery, I know.

Then, what do I spy with my little eye...

But a '67, 4-door, dark blue IMPALA!!!!!!  OMGYAY!!!!!!!  

Yeah, it was in dire need of some DeanTLC (some bad rust spots & paint bubbles) & the guy driving it was kind of skeevy.  Didn't matter.  I still tried to get his attention so I could make him an offer...on the car, you pervs! *wink*

Holy crap, was I excited!  So excited that I almost crashed.  I quickly fumbled for my phone soze I could take a few quick snaps, but alas, traffic was NOT my friend & I was only able to capture this image:


She disappeared before I could catch up & get some more pics.  Seeing this diamond-in-the-rough twin to our beloved Metallicar totally made my day.
Tags: fangirl glee, impala, me, metallicar, squeeage
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