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*iz ded*


I got my picture taken with Darren McCarty and the Stanley Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*epic flail*

S. called and said that DMac was across the street at the barber shop and that there was a line of people waiting.  Apparently, Darren frequents this particular establishment.  I was talking to the owner's wife and she said that Darren, out of the blue, said he was going to bring the Cup over.  SUH-WEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I had no advance warning, I had nothing for DMac to autograph!  However, a very nice lady in front of me had some notepaper in her purse & gave me a sheet.  I took her picture using her phone and then she returned the favor for me.  *grin*  

Darren was AWESOME!  I shook his hand and said how nice it was to meet him.  We took the picture and then he signed my pathetic little piece of paper (he laughed when I said I didn't have anything Red Wings for him to sign).  Then I told him how much we want to see him with the team again this season.

I had my hands on Darren McCarty! 
And on the Stanley Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Please excuse the quality of these pictures...they're from my cell phone.  I Picnik'd them to clean them up as best as I could.

1.  Random!Chick and her baby who got in my way.  *giggle*

2.  I cropped Random!Chick and her baby out of this one.  *evil grin*

3.  Some dorkMe with DMac and Stanley!

4.  Darren's autograph.  Nice paper, eh?!  

*continues flailing*
Tags: darren mccarty, detroit red wings, fangirl glee, hockey, real life, squeeage, the stanley cup
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