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 Ummmm...yeah.  I really shouldn't be allowed to shop without a chaperone.

I had to birthday shop for two boys.  "Z", my best bud's son, and "E", my cousin's son.  
*Initials used to protect the innocent, hee hee*

I couldn't resist looking at the Matchbox cars (and other brands) whilst in the store(s).  
Stop looking at me like that!

*sigh*  I bought myself FOUR.
1.  1966 Karmann Ghia (Remember?  Before Metallicar, this is the one I dreamed of)
2.  1966 Batmobile (Yes, from the tv series...POW!  BLAM!  ZAP!)
3.  1964 IMPALA!!!!!!!  (No, I do NOT care that it's the wrong year and a 2-door)
4.  1968 IMPALA!!!!!!!  (No, I do NOT care that it's the wrong year and a 2-door...and a convertible)
*at least it's BLACK!*

I spent more time combing through the cars looking for Impalas than shopping for the gifts.  

Does that make me a bad person?  

Oh yeah...I bought myself a new watch too.  It's silver and has turquoise stones on it.  Gee...I wonder why it caught my eye?!  *giggle*

Tags: blahblahblah, dorkage, impala, me, nothing important, random, real life, squeeage
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