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A Little Cheese & W(h)ine.


Here is the cheese:

Okay, so I am STILL effing sick!  Only now, I think it's turned into some sort of strep infection.  I'm still all stuffed up & practically hacking up a lung every few minutes.  My ears feel like I just went swimming & I can't get them to "pop".  Oh yeah...now I think I have pink eye too.  


So, Happy frickin' New Year to me.  However, there are 2 positive items to note: 
                                                  (A) the Red Wings play St. Louis tonight.

                                 GO WINGS!

                                                  (B) I have a doctor's appointment on wednesday.

I think I am in need of a little SupernaturalTherapy.  Oh boys!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: detroit red wings, elvis, hockey, me, nothing important
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