raputathebuta (raputathebuta) wrote,

Death By Squee!

Captain, my Captain and the Wizard of Oz are going to be on Leno Tuesday night!!!!! 

*glee*  I think I need to invest in that flavored screen for my television.

I wonder if Jay will drink from the Cup?

Side note regarding Hasuck: I'm not going to believe it until we get to this time next year without him coming back.

I'll be posting more hockey stuff during the summer as an attempt keep my withdrawal symptoms at bay, so please forgive the spamming.  

I'm starting off with the first entry to the Stanley Cup Journal (by Kevin Shea), which is a general recap of Wednesday's celebrations along with some great photos.  
I especially love the one of Draper and Mini!Draper.

Tags: chris osgood, detroit red wings, fangirl glee, hockey, nick lidstrom, squeeage, television
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