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Monday's Playoff Results


Detroit Red Wings  3, Pittsburgh Penguins 4 (Pens win in the 3rd OT.  Wings lead the series 3 - 2)

Wings' goals: Helm, Datsyuk, and Rafalski

Pens' goals: Hossa, Hall, Talbot, and Sykora

Octopi count: 5

This was the fifth longest game in Stanley Cup Finals history.

Once again, the reffing SUCKED, including a phantom tripping call on Datsyuk in the 1st period (the dude freakin' fell down on his own!) and two bullshit "goalie interference" calls on the Wings in OT.  Even the commentators thought those calls were ridiculous!

Fleury is the reason why the Pens are still in this thing.  He played his ass off once again, facing  58 shots.  Both he and Ozzie (who faced 32 shots) came up with some phenomenal saves; although I'm sure Ozzie never expected to have to try to make a save on his own teammate.  *shoots Death!Glare at Kronwall*

Check of the Game goes to Penguins' forward Hall (I think), who managed to knock one of the zebras on his ass.  W00T!!!!

I have to point out this minute-by-minute blog over at NHL.com.  I've been reading the last couple of these and this person is pretty damn funny.

Wednesday's game:
Red WingsPenguins
8:00 PM ET
8:00 PM ET

My Darlng Nick...Captain, my Captain,                           
You boys seriously need to wrap this 
up on Wednesday.  I have plans with my
Stevie-baby on Saturday.
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