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Saturday's Playoff Results

 Before we begin: Dear LJ...you suck donkey dicks.  I've tried to post this entry 5 times & you've eaten it each time.  FUCK YOU!


Detroit Red Wings 2, Pittsburgh Penguins 1 (Wings lead the series 3 - 1)

Wings' goals: Lidstrom and Hudler

Pens' goal: Hossa

What a great freakin' game!  Ozzie was on FIRE and even psychoactivtoad had to admit to his HOTTNESS!!!!!!

Emo-side note: the local news was just interviewing Kris Draper about the game and the sports-chick asked him about the pictures in his stall.  He has 2 pictures drawn by his kids hanging up.  How freakin' adorable is that?  You ROCK, dude!
Also?  Kris has revealed that his kids have drawn pics for some of his teammates and they have those hanging up in their stalls!!!  God, I love this team!

A great article on the "family"...six players who've been together a loooong time.

Dear Nick,
You are Awesome!
Run away with me.
PS to Stevie...don't worry, you're still #1 in my heart!


Monday's game:
PenguinsRed Wings
8:00 PM ET
8:00 PM ET

Downey was not playing tonight (our local pregame show misled me).
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