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Wednesday's Playoff Results

Detroit Red Wings 2, Pittsburgh Penguins 3 (Wings lead the series 2 - 1)

Pens' goals: Crosby (2) and Hall

Wings' goals: Franzen and Samuelsson

Now THIS was a freakin' hockey game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As bummed as I am that the Wings lost, I was glad to see the Pens actually show up to play...unlike the first two games.

The reffing still sucks ass...on both sides.  Goddamn zebras.    

Both Fleury and Ozzie had some fantastic saves. 

Also?  Could the announcers please stop blowing Crosby (and the Penguins)?!  We get it...he's the second coming of Christ.  Let's talk about somebody else for a fuckin' change!

Saturday's game:
Red WingsPenguins
8:00 PM ET
8:00 PM ET

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All this loss means is that my boys will get to hoist the Cup at home!  *crosses fingers*
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