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Erm...oooookay then.

I just watched the Bones finale. 

Seriously.  What.  The.  FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

There is no way in HELL that I'm going to buy Zack as Gormogon's apprentice.  I'd buy Tempe as the apprentice before Zack.  Do you suppose being Gormogon's apprentice is anything like being The Donald's apprentice?

Also, was it just me or did the whole thing with Booth's fake funeral make ZERO sense.  Have we seen or heard about that creepy guy before this?!

Bonus points for Booth in the bath!!!  W00T!  Well, HELLOOOOOOO David!  *swoons*

That beer-helmet was AWESOME!  Please tell me that somebody has made icons of that. 

Off-topic: my dungeon-mate is racking up points.

1.  She LOVES Zeppelin.
2.  She LOVES David Boreanaz and has watched Bones, Buffy, and Angel.

However, she loses a few points for admitting to watching that bed-hopping doctor show, but likes scary stuff, so I'm going to try and convert her to Supernatural.
Tags: bones, david boreanaz, i'm pissed!, me, random, real life
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