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Really, Really...Random

I've been meaning to post a blog about Christmas music, but haven't been able to quite think it through yet.  Therefore, I'm offering up these thoughts & occurrences from over the weekend, which you may or may not enjoy reading.  *shrugs*  Consider it a brain-dump. 
So come up to the lab and see what's on the slab...

(1)  My mom & went shopping on Friday.  Yes, we had fun.  Yes, I got some of my gift list knocked out.  Yes, like our dear  Rod,  I have trouble NOT purchasing for myself as well!  What?!?!?!  I only bought some candles!  Some notecards... 
                                               Some Spongebob ornaments (for the tree I'm NOT putting up this year)...  

                                               About 3 dozen Yankee Candle tarts...   


                                               Oh yeah...4 new lotions from Bath & Body Works (dude, it was the buy 3 get 1 free sale!).

(2)  I finally watched 2 of the 3 Netflix movies that have been sitting on my entertainment center for (no lie) 2 months!  Night of the Lepus & The Watcher.    Everyone should see Lepus once.  I consider it a fine example of  what NOT to do (unless your name is Monty Python, *grin*): fuzzy bunnies, poster-paint blood effects, & bad-bad-BAD dialog!  Janet Leigh & DeForest Kelley should have fired their effing agents.  Here's an example of dialog:  Attention! Attention! Ladies and gentlemen, attention! There is a herd of killer rabbits headed this way and we desperately need your help!   Now seriously, would you listen to that guy or would you throw something at him as you drove away?  I LMA-HO through the whole thing!!!!!  Ahem, if I saw this movie in the $5 bin, I'd probably buy it. *coughsuckercough*


As for The Watcher, it was actually pretty good.   I adore James Spader & Keanu Reaves.  It's nice to see Keanu as the bad guy occasionally.  His "surfer-dude" persona makes that hard to imagine sometimes, but in Watcher & in The Gift, he manages pretty well.  WARNING!  Tangent ahead: I am confessing, right here & now, my favorite Spader movie.  Not high on the Oscar-caliber list, but high on my OMFG!Meter is Supernova.  Spader looks very, very fine in this movie.  Plus, you get Lou Diamond Phillips, also looking very, very fine.  *evilgiggle*

I still have Jam with our beloved JDM left to watch.  I hope it's good.

(3)  On Saturday, I made a huge pot of chicken soup (my grandma's recipe, tweaked a bit).  YUM!!!!

(4)  Also on Saturday: Red Wings 5, Panthers 2.  We got 2 penalty shot chances, but only scored once...Yeah, Valtteri Filppula!  W00T!  He is 2 for 2 on penalty shots this season.  Ozzie was in 'Net for the win (oo-ee-oo, eeoooooh-oh). 

(5)  Finally caught up on my tv viewing.  I seriously love Paul Reubens on Pushing Daisies!  He is awesome!  Lee Pace gets cuter with every episode.

(6)  We got about 6 or 7 inches of snow here overnight Saturday-into Sunday.  I probably enjoyed (snow)blowing & (rock)salting more than I should have, but I kept picturing Dean, a la WiaWSNB.  

(7)  I had a doctor's appointment Friday morning before the shopping extravaganza commenced.  I managed to lose 13 lbs.  I'm calling it the BloggingAddictionDiet.  W00T!  ETA: I totally forgot to mention that the BAD includes listening to really good music & having the random Dance!Party! in your living room...by yourself.  WHAT?!!!!  Why are you looking at me like that?????

Now, you'll have to excuse me.  I have a pint of Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra to scarf down while watching my Wings stomp the Capitals.  Sorry, Mary!

I'm totally kidding...I don't have any ice cream.  

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