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Diary of a Meme Virgin

Dear Diary;

Today I was tagged by

tariel22 to disclose some deep, dark secrets!  Okay, maybe not deep & dark, but she wanted a list of 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about me. 

I'm calling my list Taming of a Supernatural Shrew or
10 Things That May Surprise You

In no particular order:

(1)  I like to eat cocktail onions as a snack.  No martini or anything, just the onions.  Right out of the jar.  Using a fork.  Over the years, I've found that Unico has the best ones.  They're not too salty & a little sweeter than say, the Reese brand.  Unfortunately (for me), I don't think Unico makes them anymore.

(2)  In RealLife, I have the propensity to swear like a sailor.  I try to keep it under control (& under my breath) around children, strangers, & people who are offended by such language.

(3)  I collect Spongebob Squarepants stuff, lava lamps, & cheesy Elvis memorabilia (including an "E" lava lamp).  By cheesy, I mean things like the Elvis clock with the swinging legs pendulum & Elvis handbags (I have several).

(4)   In college, I was a writing/theater major & won the Best Actress award my senior year. 

(5)  Before the Metallicar, my fantasy automobile was a VW Karmann Ghia (early '70's vintage), closely followed by Christine ('58 Plymouth Fury).

(6)  I love to garden.

(7)  I prefer Pinball to video games, but I do like the old-school arcade games.  

(8)  I tend to hold a grudge.

(9)  To this day I cannot watch the "Hearts & Souls" episode of NYPD Blue.  That's the episode in which Bobby (Jimmy Smits) dies.  *sniff*

(10) I used to smoke. 

Well...I think that about does it!


Dec. 10th, 2007 04:10 am (UTC)
Yay! I'm so glad you posted this! Shakespeare reference FTW! \o/

1) I'm the same way with olives. I still do that kid thing where I put them on my fingers and pretend they're Buckingham Palace guards before I eat them. *facepalm* Not in public, though. :)

2) Swearing is very satisfying sometimes. I'm actually known for being very proper at my work (I'm not), and one time I got really mad and dropped a bunch of f-bombs (a huge no-no when you work at a school district). I got a whole room full of O_O faces and stunned silence. LOL!

3) Spongebob Squarepants! That show is hilarious! I loved the part in the movie with David Hasselhoff. hee!

4) Best Actress is very impressive. Um, I'm a good liar, does that count? :) Actually, acting blows me away - you make yourself so vulnerable, I think, pulling emotions out of your depths and putting them out there on display for your audience.

8) Me too, totally. Grrr.

9) Oh, I only watched that the one time, but I cried buckets.

Too fun! Thanks for sharing!


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