April 18th, 2012

FLW tile

Tuesday's Playoff Results


Where's the puck luck, Hockey Gods?!?!

*Florida Panthers 4, New Jersey Devils 3 (Cats lead the series 2 - 1)
Cats goals: Bergenheim, Garrison, Weaver, and Campbell
Devils goals: Parise, Gionta, and Elias

*Trashville ShanaTurds 3, Detroit Red Wings 1 (Turds lead the series 3 - 1)
Turds goals: Bourque, Klein, and Legwand
Wings goal: Hudler
COME ON, BOYS!!!  The last series you were down 3 - 1, you managed to come back and push it to 7 games.  Do that again, only this time, WIN IT!!

*Phoenix Coyotes 3, Chicago Blackhawks 2 in OT (Yotes lead the series 2 - 1)
Yotes goals: Klesla, Whitney, and Boedker
Hawks goals: Brunette and Frolik (my balls)
BREAKING NEWS: Raffi Torres is a headhunting fucktard who needs to be booted from the league.  But ShanaHAHAHA probably won't even fine the bastard.

Collapse )

I'm rather looking forward to the bloodbath between the Pen(i)s and Flyers.  I sure hope Cindy gets his panties all in a wad again.  It's fun watching him melt down when you know the whole world finally sees what a little shit he is.

Also?  CaNuckleheads/Kings: What's the over/under on a Kesler dive tonight?!