April 11th, 2012

FLW tile

Hey Raputathebuta! What Time Is It?!

Why, it's PLAYOFF TIME!!!!!!  Prepare to be spammed with Hockey entries for the next two months, my darling flisties!

My beloved Detroit Red Wings are in the mix for the


Numbers of interest:

#12: The Wings have 12 straight seasons of 100 or more points (102 this season).

#23: The boys set an NHL record for Consecutive Home Wins on February 19, 2012.

#42: The Perfect Human's birthday is April 28th.  One more year, Captain!  Or, you know, five.  Five works.

#20: Speaking of Lids; he's never NOT been in the Playoffs!  20 career seasons...all with the Wings.

#13: Not only the number worn by our very own Magician, it is also the Wings record for (individual) Playoff goals in    
         a season.  The record is shared by Zetterberg & Franzen, achieved during the 2008 Playoffs.  

#43: Helm is the last of our regulars* to return from injury and he will be in tonight! W0000T!!!
                         *Eaves is out for the season.  I'm still seriously depressed about it.  
                                 *Joey Mac, while not a "regular", is our only other injured player still out.

#41: Chris Conner, aka The Rifleman*, is the first of our Black Aces to be brought up.  The Griffins are still in the hunt for 
        their own Playoff berth, so we won't see the other Aces until they finish up.
                         *I can't remember who came up with that nickname, someone at A2Y, NoHS, or WiiM.  I love it though!

#14: Worn by Wings rookie Gustav Nyquist, aka Goose.  This kid is something special.

#2:   Brendan Smith, another rookie.  Boy Wonder* has been extremely impressive in the games he's played with the
         big boys.  I hope we get to see him get some Playoff minutes.  
                          *Nickname credit goes to KelticKarma at Plurk.


Oh, one more:
#8947456736584954: Since OLN/Versucks/NBC-CNBC-NBCSports has a lock on all the games, this is the number of 
                                        times Cindy gets mentioned.  Whether or not he's playing that night...even after the Pen(i)s get
                                        knocked out. 

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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