June 1st, 2010

winged wheel

Oh, HELLZ YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain, my Captain...Mr. Norris...Lidas...The Perfect Human...Lids...Stud

Now 40 years old, our #5 will be back for his 19th season.  Nick took a pay cut and signed a one-year deal, which was announced by the Organization today. 

Mere words cannot adequately express my sheer bliss at hearing this news.

Dear Lidas:

You, sir, are a King among men.  Thank you for leading our team for another year.  Thank you for your work ethic.  Thank you for your dedication and love of the game.  Thank you also to your family for sharing you with us for another season.

Love and kisses forever,

First Huds coming back and now Captain, my Captain locked in another year?!   I can't wait to see what magic tricks Kenny "Tick Tock" Holland has up his sleeves for the rest of our RFAs/UFAs.