May 4th, 2010

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Monday's Playoff Results

Off-topic comment: new Justified tonight!!  Oh hai, Raylan.  *pets*

Hey!  I wonder if "intent to blow" counts as pulling first?! 

*Philadelphia Flyers 2. Boston Bruins 3 (Bruins lead the series 2 - 2)
Flyers goals: Richards and Briere
Bruins goals: Boychuk, SATAN, and Lucic

*Vancouver Canucks 2, Chicago Blackhawks 4 (series tied 1 - 1)
Canucks goals: Raymond and Samuelsson
Hawks goals: Seabrook, Sharp, Versteeg, and Kane

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*Thank Castiel we're back on FSD tonight.  I miss Ken and Mickey.

*I hope we get Eaves-baby back for tonight.  I love JWillz, but we need Eaves.

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!