September 16th, 2009

winged wheel

Bingo Bango!

That's right, bitches.  It's Hockey Time!!!

The Detroit Red Wings pre-season starts off tonight against the Philadelphia Flyers.  The game isn't being televised, but you can check the scores at you're so inclined.  At least I can listen to the game on 1270am.

Other games tonight include Bruins/Leafs, Panthers/Senators, Rangers/Devils, Lightning/Stars, Islanders/Oilers and Coyotes/Ducks.

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The Wings regular season schedule can be found here. 

Bad News: Helm is out two to four weeks with an AC sprain.  *pouts*

Bad News/Good News: Lilja has been placed on the long-term IR list with that pesky bleeding brain problem.  BUT, my boy Ericsson is expected to step up and take his place.  *pouts and bounces*

Fucking Horrible: I still can't believe we signed that assclown Bertuzzi.  WTF, Kenny Holland?!  *glares*

Happy Happy Joy Joy: Jason Williams!  W0000000T!!!!!!  *smishes him*