June 5th, 2009

FLW tile

Thursday's Playoff Results

FFS!  Get it together, boys.

Also?  Mr. Magoo and his clones were wearing the zebra stripes again last night.  Asshats.  Really atrocious officiating on both sides, but Wings got screwed more often. 

*Detroit Red Wings 2, Pittsburgh Penguins 4 (series tied 2 - 2)
Wings goals: Helm and Stuart
Pens goals: Malkin, Staal, Crosby, and Kennedy

Saturday June 6
Time (ET)TeamsVisiting LeadersHome LeadersTelevision
8:00 p.m.Penguins at
Red Wings
P: E Malkin 113
W: M Fleury 35
P: P Datsyuk 97
W: C Osgood 26