May 9th, 2009

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Friday's Playoff Results

I'm kinda glad that I didn't go ahead and make my prediction for Boston to be the team to beat this year.

Also?  Dear Capitals: Please to be slaughtering the Penguins.  kthnxbai.

*Washington Capitals 3, Pittsburgh Penguins 5 (series tied 2 - 2)
Caps goals: Backstrom, Clark, and Jurcina
Pens goals: Gonchar, Guerin, Fedotenko, Crosby, and Talbot

*Boston Bruins 1, Carolina Hurricanes 4 (Canes lead the series 3 - 1)
Bruins goal: Savard
Canes goals: Staal (2), Jokinen, and Samsonov

No games played

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