May 5th, 2009

FLW tile

Monday's Playoff Results

I know I should try to be objective about what team wins what series when they are not playing the Wings, but in this case, I can't help it...WAY TO GO, CAPS!!!!  Sorry, rodyssey!

*Pittsburgh Penguins 3, Washington Capitals 4 (Caps lead the series 2 - 0)
Pens goals: Crosby (3)
Caps goals: Ovechkin (3) and Steckel

No games played

Collapse )

*Draper and Rafalski are both still out.

*My boy Ericsson will continue to partner with Lidstrom.

*Chelios is staying in the lineup, despite playing just under 7 minutes in Game 2.  See, I love Cheli, but this is when I'd put Meech in.

*Puck drop for me will be 10:30pm.  I have no idea how much of the game I'll be able to stay up for.  *kicks work*

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!