February 25th, 2009

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Western Conference Showdown!

Tonight, [info]tariel22's Sharkie-poos are visiting Hockeytown.  This is the fourth and final match-up between her boys and my boys...at least until the Playoffs!


The Sharks have beaten my Wings two out of three so far, but I'm hoping for a repeat of the 6 - 0 whomping we gave them back in December.  Conks is getting the start between the pipes tonight.  Yeah...Conk-Block!!!  *grin* 

Speaking of whomping, I am soooooo hoping to see Asshatus Extremus Claude "The Turtle" Lemieux get his ass kicked at some point during the game.  We won't have DMac in the lineup, but Kronwall will be there and I believe Stuart is going to play tonight as well.  Even funnier would be seeing somebody like Hudler pound the crap out of Lemieux!  *crosses fingers*

I'll be at the Joe tonight (wearing my Draper jersey) and I fully expect to hear a tidal wave of BOOOOOOS!!!! rain down on the ice as soon as Number 32 makes an appearance. 

I'm looking forward to a little Turtle blood on the ice and an awesome victory for my Wings.

Don't get me wrong, I like the Sharks.  They're a great team with a lot of talent and a good future under head coach Todd McLellan (oh hai, Todd!!!).  I just don't understand why they signed the King of the Douchebags.  

Puckdaddy has a good article about tonight's game.

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: I'm wearing my Lang jersey and loaning my Draper jersey to my aunt, who forgot to bring her own jersey.  You know the one she got signed by Mickey Redmond?!  Bitch.