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Supernatural: Rising Son #1. Didja Get Your Copy Yet?!

 *flails*  I picked up mine on the way home today.  I LOVE it!  

The cover on mine is different than the cover I've seen in all the pre-release articles though.  Does anyone know if they're selling multiple covers?  *shrugs*  I emailed Wildstorm.  As soon as I know, you'll know.

                                               What I thought was going to be the cover.                       The cover I bought. 

1.  The interior artwork is a GAZILLION times better than Supernatural: Origins, in my opinion.


2.  The story in this issue is pretty damn good.  Also?  Major connections to things we've learned this season!  W00T!!!!

3.  For those who are interested, Wildstorm is showing the covers for the next 3 issues.

4.  I am already excited for issue #2.
Tags: comic books, fangirl glee, squeeage, supernatural
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