raputathebuta (raputathebuta) wrote,

Wizard Of Oz

No, not the one with the munchkins!  I'm talking about Chris Osgood, the fantabulous goalie for my beloved Red Wings!

Chris just had a birthday on Monday (he's 35) & tonight he had another awesome game in Net.  The Wings beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 4 to 2.  *cue evil laugh*

I found this great article about "Ozzie" by George Johnson of the Calgary Herald.  

Chris has been one of my favorites since 1993, his first season as a Wing.

Let me just tell you that I was in HockeyHeaven during the '05-'06 campaign when both Osgood & Manny Legace were backstopping the Wings!  Legace plays for St. Louis now, but I still adore him.

Stars of the Game: Jiri Hudler, Pavel Datsyuk, & Dan Cleary.  I'm giving my personal Star to Andreas Lilja, who fed a perfect pass to Thomas Kopecky, resulting in the third goal of the night.

Other Games Around the League: Who cares!  None of my other boys were playing!

Next Game: Saturday against the Phoenix Coyotes, who are 12 points behind us.  Hmmmmm...Phoenix has to face Chicago first.  Go 'Hawks!

Tags: detroit red wings, hockey
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