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Friday's Playoff Results

Ottawa Senators 3, Pittsburgh Penguins 5 (Pens lead the series 0 - 2)
Philadelphia Flyers 4, Washington Capitals 5 (Caps lead the series 0 - 1)
New York Rangers 2, New Jersey Devils 1 (Rangers lead the series 2 - 0)

Colorado Avalanche 2, Minnesota Wild 3 in OT (series tied 1 - 1)   GO WILD!

I alternated between the Sens/Pens and the Flyers/Caps last night.  Those were two really great, intense games!  Lots of hard checking and quite a few skirmishes by the net.  

I think the Penguins are the team to watch in the East.  *waves to Rod, even though he doesn't visit LJ*

I missed most of the Avs/Wild match-up due to the game times overlapping, but I'm glad that the Wild rallied back to win this one.  I despise the Avs.
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