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Hockey Playoff News

Check this shit out!  NHL.com is having celebrities blog about their favorite teams! 

Celebs include David Boreanez (W00T!), Eddie Cahill, A.J. Buckley ( yes, Ed from Hell House) , and Dierks Bentley!

Is it just me, or does it look like Angel David is NOT wearing a shirt under his jacket?

Unfortunately for Dierks, he's backing the Predators.  Sorry dude!  

Eddie's fave team is the Rangers.  Now I like Eddie, but again, SORRY!  However, I love this pic of him with the Cup!

Geoff Stults will be blogging in support of my Red Wings.  *whispers*  I don't know his work, but he was born in Detroit and supports the Wings.  That makes him ACES in my book!

His brother, George, is blogging for the Avalanche.  Traitor.
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