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Red Wings...FTMFW!!!

W00T!  My boys did it!  They have won the President's Trophy for the sixth time in team history!  The Red Wings are the only team in the NHL to win it more than two times.  \0/

Detroit had previously won it in 1994-95, 1995-96, 2001-02, 2003-04, and 2005-06.  However, winning the President's Trophy doesn't always mean winning the Stanley Cup.  Out of the last six Trophy wins, the Wings have only taken home the Cup once; 2001-02.  BUT, we did bring the Cup home in 1996-97 and 1997-98 without being first in the league.  

It's been four seasons (not including the lock-out year) since the boys have hoisted the Hockey Holy Grail.  We're due, man!  

By accumulating 113 points and claiming the Presidents' Trophy as the regular-season points leaders, the Wings have earned home-ice advantage throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs.  The trophy is cool and everything, but home-ice advantage is really what is important here.

In last night's game, we came from behind to beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 3 - 2.  Zetterberg scored the game winner with 11 seconds left in the third period.  Way to go, Hank!  That's his 43rd goal this season, a career high, bringing his points total to 92!  *smishes him*  Mark Hartigan and Johann Franzen also scored for the Red-n-White.

Our last regular season game is Sunday against the Blackhawks, who are now out of the Playoffs.

Here is video of Hank's game winning goal.  

Other Tru Fax about the Wings: 

1.  The Red Wings have won the most Stanley Cup championships (10) of any NHL franchise based in the United States and are third overall in total NHL championships, behind the Montreal Canadiens (24) and Toronto Maple Leafs (13).

2.  The Red Wings have made the playoffs in 23 of the last 25 seasons, including the last 17 in a row (which is the longest active streak in professional sports).

3.  This is the Wings eighth consecutive season for 100 or more points.

4.  We're AWESOME!!!!!

ETA: I know most of my flist could care less about hockey, but I love you all for reading my babbling anyway!  *hugs*
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