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It's Baaaaaaaack!

 1.  It's Supernatural Thursday, folks!  Tonight we get a rerun of Malleus Maleficarum.  Yay for Hurt!Boys!  Yay for Brother!Touching and HUGGING!!!!!!!!!

2.  Tru Fax: I've heard Heat of the Moment about 10 times since yesterday.  Luckily, no deaths were involved.

3.  More Tru Fax: Asia has reunited and is releasing a new album AND touring!

3A.  Apparently, there are TWO Asia's running around out there.  There is Asia (original flavor) with Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer, and John Wetton.  Their album, Phoenix, is due to drop April 14 of this year.  Their tour started in March.

         Asia featuring John Payne, with Guthrie Govan, Jay Schellen, and Erik Norlander, is planning to
release Architect of Time sometime this year and will also be touring, but there haven't been any official dates set.

4.  The Red Wings lost last night to the Blackhawks, 6 - 2.  I blame Hasuck, since he gave up 3 goals on 6 shots in TWO DAMN MINUTES!  Loo-hoo-zer!  One good thing about last night is that my man Lang had one of those goals!  W00T!!!!

We play Columbus tonight and then face Chicago again on Sunday.  At least we're still leading the league in points.  
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