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My Deepest Desire Right This Very Second

Is to have a SamnDean Supernatural Dress-Up Refrigerator Magnet Set.  I already have 2 Elvis (or is that Elvi?) and a cat one.  psychoactivtoad has her Dress-Up David and Dress-Up Leslie Magnet Sets. 

Dear Kripke, Jared, and Jensen;

Please authorize the use of SamnDean trademarked images for Dress-Up Refigerator Magnet Sets for obsessive fangirls the world over.  Please include the Leather Jacket of Porn, the Laptop, and the Metallicar.  Bonus sets (sold seperately) could include Big Daddy and Bobby (man of many hats).  

Eternally Grateful, 

Pssst....I may try and design my own.  I'll let you know how it goes.
Tags: dean, dorkage, sam, supernatural
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