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Random Television

I just saw the commercial and thought I'd share this little tidbit.  Some of you James Marsters fans may already be aware of this, but Spikey-poo is playing Ted Bundy in the upcoming Lifetime Movie Network miniseries The Capture of the Green River Killer (March 30th, 8pm EST).

Not only is James in it, but the cast also includes Tom Cavanagh (from Ed), Sharon Lawrence (NYPD Blue), and Currie Graham (Men in Trees), along with two Supernatural alumni: Brendan Fletcher (Max in Nightmare) and Jessica Harmon (Lily in AHBL1).  

They don't say who's playing Gary Ridgway, but there are two guys with no character name listed: James Russo and Jason Stewart.  My money's on Russo...he ALWAYS plays the nutjob.  On the other hand, this Stewart guy is pretty unknown.  *shrugs*  I'm only here for Spikey-poo anyhow.

I don't get this channel, otherwise I might find myself tuning in.

Oh yeah, there's also some dude named Steed in it.  No shit...Steed Crandell.  I can only hope that's a stage name. 
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