raputathebuta (raputathebuta) wrote,

5 for 20 @ 41

Captain, my Captain!!!!

Nick Lidstrom is coming back, folks!!!!  It was just announced this morning that The Perfect Human has signed a 1-year deal with the Red Wings.  No word yet on what kind of salary Lidas will be getting, but who cares?!  HE'S BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!

The Wings site has a more detailed article, including some records that Nick could break this upcoming season.

Dear Captain:

Signing with the team for another year is a great birthday present!  Thanks!

Thank you also for not making us wait until July 1 to find out your decision.  You're the BEST!!!!!

Love and kisses forever,

Tags: detroit red wings, dorkage, fangirl glee, hockey, nick lidstrom, squeeage
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