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Wednesday's Playoff Results

 Oh yeah...almost forgot...the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup.

*Boston Bruins 4, Vancouver Canucks 0 (Bruins win the series 4 -3 and win the Cup)
Bruins goals: Bergeron (2) and Marchand (2)

Way to show up, Vancouver.  Fuck you, Bobby Lou.  Asshole.

Congrats to hometown boy Tim Thomas for playing his ass off all series and for winning the Conn Smythe Trophy.  Well deserved, young man.  At 37 years old, "The Tank" is the oldest NHL player to ever win this award.

Also?  What the fuck, Sedins?  Invisible Twins much?!  Yeah.  I'll keep my Euro Twins, thanks.

Extra kudos to the general populace of Vancouver for rioting.  Morons.  I'd hate to see what would have happened had the Canucks won.  I hate people.
Tags: hockey, the stanley cup
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