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Another Day, Another Drive-By

 Yes, I am posting this while at work .  Bad Raputa!!!! *snerk*  So I watched last week's Bones & Pushing Daisies, whilst taping last night's Bones.  Yeah, yeah...I'm hopeless, I know!  I'll play catch up over the weekend.

I have to give a huge thumbs up to PD.  That episode was hilarious!  Any show that manages the trifecta of AWESOME of a detailed C.H.U.D reference. (yes, I've seen it), Paul Ruebens (Pee Wee Herman), AND blowing up an AMC Pacer is ACES in my book!!

Besides, that Lee Pace dude is kinda cute.

My plan for tonight included catching up on Women's Murder Club & reaper, but the Red Wings are on.  Any night that ISN'T Thursday, hockey takes precedence. 

GO WINGS!!!!! 

ETA: Yeah...that was Heroes that I was taping.  Bones is on tonight!  D'oh!!!!
Tags: bones, cheesy movies, detroit red wings, hockey, lee pace, pushing daisies, television
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